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What Makes a Good Driver: Traits & Qualities

What Makes a Good Driver: Traits & Qualities

When we are about to pick something, we prefer to have some considerations to find the best one.

Similarly, when hiring a safer driver, some considerations are essential to focus on. 

These considerations involve some traits and qualities that give a good idea about how good the driver is in his occupation.

Traits and qualities are different, but they hold significance when choosing the driver. 

Here, we will discuss in depth the attributes covered in both traits and qualities. This will help customers focus on the most crucial considerations and make wise decisions. 

Key Traits of a Good Driver

Traits are parts of one’s personality, behavior, or how one acts or responds to certain conditions.

Patience, responsibility, and alertness are the key traits that are crucial while driving. They directly impact safety and protection during the ride. 

1. Patience

Patience is one of the key trait elements that is highly considerable to ensure a safe and protected ride.

In driving, patience refers to the driver’s tolerance of blocked and congested traffic. Moreover, the avoidance of acting aggressively also comes under patience. 

It is critical, as a lack of patience can lead to an accident. Ensure that the safer driver you are hiring has patience. It’s beneficial not just for you but also for those around you. 

Overall, patience is critical for the driver as it can impressively reduce the risk of accidents and mishaps.

2. Responsibility

Another considerable trait is the true understanding of responsibility. Picking up and dropping the clients off is not the driver’s only responsibility. 

Instead, the driver’s major responsibility is understanding and following the rules and regulations set by the traffic control department. 

By following the rules, the driver can avoid legal fines and penalties and ensure the safety and security of passengers.

3. Alertness

Driving demands attentiveness. If the driver stays alert during the drive, it automatically elevates the confidence of passengers and makes them more satisfied. 

Alertness includes a keen eye on the surroundings and what’s happening nearby.

Taking prompt action according to the situation is also alertness, which is a must-have trait for a driver. 

It potentially reduces many risks and avoids mishaps. Moreover, it is better to keep an eye on the situation and anticipate it in a timely manner than encounter the hazard.

When you are hiring a car with a driver, make sure to be satisfied with the driver’s vigilance. 

Essential Qualities of a Good Driver

Qualities are the attributes that reflect one’s nature or natural particularities. In driving, certain qualities define the level of safety, satisfaction, and reliability that you can expect from the driving services.

For instance, good judgment, adaptability, coordination, focus, and self-control are the most considerable qualities of a safe driver.  

1. Good Judgment

Being logical is often praised, but having sound judgmental qualities can help you avoid many scary circumstances.

Several times, there are unpredictable and sudden scenarios for which we are not ready, and that’s alright. However, it is crucial to master the ability to judge the situation and make sound decisions accordingly.  

Good judgment is an essential quality that makes a car with a driver a more reliable choice to which customers are always inclined.

2. Adaptability

We all possessed some style in doing every type of work. Similarly, all drivers have some specific style. However, a safety driver is flexible and adapts to situations, challenges, and road conditions. 

In a busy city like Dubai, adaptability and flexibility are crucial qualities when hiring a car with a driver.

One can’t anticipate when there will be traffic congestion or blockage, and only an adaptable and flexible driver can ensure smooth navigation.

3. Coordination

If one is good at judging but not taking action promptly, it’s more of a weakness and less of a quality.

Coordination and multitasking hold vital significance for the risky job of being a safety driver.

It is one of the necessary qualities to ensure a safe and smooth driving experience. Also, it guarantees the ultimate handling of the vehicle, resulting in an optimized and safe ride.

4. Focus

Focus is the key element to drive attentively. Maintaining concentration and focusing on the road and driving is what makes a driver a safer driver. 

Moreover, avoiding distractions is also crucial, as most accidents are caused by minor carelessness or inattentiveness on the part of the driver. Ensure the driver is trained enough to avoid distractions and maintain focus throughout the ride. 

5. Self-Control

Being human, it is natural that emotions can attack at any time. But self-control is necessary to have a safe ride. If the driver can not overcome the emotions and have good self-control, traveling with such a driver is no less than a hazard.

Always ensure that the driver can make rational and unbiased decisions and stay calm on the roads, regardless of the circumstances. 


Life is precious.

Don’t risk yourself and your family for just a few pennies or any other favors.

Always make a smart decision when choosing a safer driver, as it is a huge risk that can’t be reciprocated if done based on some minor favors. 

While choosing a driver, ensure that he possesses all the essential traits and qualities, and then finalize the driver for your trip.

By going through this article thoroughly, you will be able to know what do you call a safe driver.

Once you verify that the driver you are picking is safe to ride with, you can go ahead and enjoy your trip with complete satisfaction and reliability.


What Makes a Good Driver: Traits & Qualities