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Maximizing Productivity With A Monthly Driver Service In Dubai


Tips For Maximizing Your Productivity With A Monthly Driver Service In Dubai

Almost all business professionals are always looking for new ways to improve their productivity or get their work done. Even though there are only 24 hours in the day, you have to believe that at least some of those hours can be better spent.

Consider using your daily commute as an opportunity to fit more work into your day instead of pushing yourself harder and sacrificing more of your personal time. Emiratis generally drive 20 minutes or more, one way, to their jobs, so they have plenty of time to be productive. It’s not a good idea to work and drive simultaneously. Hiring a monthly driver service in Dubai can solve this problem of yours.

Nevertheless, if you can maximize your daily commute, you could have at least three extra hours every week. Here are some tips that’ll help you maximize your productivity during your commute.

Podcasts, Webinars, & Audiobooks

Whether you drive or take the bus to work, you can listen to audio news during your commute. A recent webinar can also be viewed at a high level. Most webinars offer a free download of the recording afterward, so you can listen to it later. In addition to listening to audiobooks, you can also download books that are relevant to your industry and learn more about it.

This strategy has the downside of not giving you much time to take notes, especially while driving. It is possible to fit in an extra three hours of reading if listening material is not your primary priority. You can do this without interrupting your schedule.

Organize Teleconferences & Debriefings

One of the most time-consuming tasks of the day is keeping up with communication. It is typical for meetings to last for half an hour or longer, stifling productivity. Try holding a meeting while en route if you’re comfortable using a hands-free set.

The commute could theoretically eliminate your morning meetings or right before you leave work entirely–in advance. If you are commuting, you might as well use the time for something productive. Phone conversations aren’t as effective as face-to-face meetings, but you might as well use your commute for something else.

Check Your Voicemails

Meetings aren’t the only way to communicate. You can review your voicemails on your way to work if you have a hands-free connection or are commuting in another way than driving. It is possible to take phone calls at your discretion in the office if you can implement this strategy efficiently; you can ignore a phone call while working on a complex task, knowing that you will return it the next morning, or at the end of the day, if you are heads-down on a complex task.

Along With Coworkers

You may not be able to travel with a group of coworkers by carpooling, but if you live close by, carpooling can save you time and money. When five people carpool together, each can drive once a week. As a result, everyone has four days a week to work while riding. It will save commuters almost three hours each week, plus they won’t need to drive as much, so they’ll save gas money as well.

It is also possible to increase productivity by carpooling, particularly if you work closely together. During traditional business hours, you might be stuck in a boardroom discussing things face-to-face.

Side Hustle

Whether you are freelance writing, building an app, or selling art during your commute, you can work on a side hustle. You can send pitches to magazines, brainstorm articles, contact designers, review bugs, or update your Etsy page. You can also respond to emails, pay taxes, or post to social media on your commute.

Isn’t it a good idea that hiring a monthly driver service will let you think of a side hustle that if implemented can make you rich?


Whether you want to finish a novel or finish a report, you can write on your commute. You are not distracted by colleagues during your commute. You might find it helpful to write poetry in your phone notes. You can record yourself speaking in the car and edit it later if you want to prepare a presentation script.

With the help of a personal safe driver, a whole book can be completed within a period of one month. Several ideas can be considered to implement those while sitting in the back seat of a car, seeing the beautiful views of the journey, and bringing the creativity out of the notebook.

Public Transportation Vs Own Car

Bringing a laptop or tablet with you is not a good idea if you ride the bus to work. Because of so many people around you, you may not be able to focus on the work. Depending on the size of your personal space, it’s not possible to set up a mini workstation which is possible in a personal car. A personal driver with a car allows you to start some of the tasks you have planned for the day early. You might do that by catching up on your emails, taking out a few small, no-brainer tasks as a warmup, or brainstorming about upcoming projects.

Switching to public transportation is a big challenge to timing and reliability. Your bus route might take 40 minutes if your typical driving route takes 20 minutes.

Plan Your Day

Commuting time can be used to plan your day. Regardless of whether you use public transportation, drive directly or have hired a VIP Chauffeur that takes you daily to your workplace. Be sure to check your emails before you leave so you know what tasks await you. Spend your drive-in time deciding what you want to accomplish for the day, and how you’ll accomplish it.

This can be accomplished with voice memos. If you’re trying to outline your day in advance, use a voice memo to record it directly (and hands-free). You can refer to it later as you begin your official workday. Similarly, you can wind down by reflecting on what you accomplished and what got away from you at the end of the day. The next day, you can tackle those remaining challenges that interfere with your productivity.

It is possible that you will not be able to adapt your commute to alternative means of transportation, or that you will not be able to concentrate on audio while driving. Decide which strategies are best for you by experimenting safely. The process could save you several hours a week if it is executed properly.

The Final Take

We discussed these valid reasons above which will certainly increase the value of having a personal safe driver for daily commutes. When we think about taking out some time and using it to maximize our productivity, it remains an idea in our minds, not a reality.

Isn’t it time we let someone else handle this biggest hurdle in life? You can hire a monthly driver service in dubai from SafeDriveU and relax for the whole month.

Maximizing Productivity With A Monthly Driver Service In Dubai