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Summer Road Trips In UAE To Escape Scorching Heat


The UAE is known for its futuristic buildings and cities. It’s hard to get bored in this city, but skyscrapers regularly surround residents. UAE offers what?

This article will change your perception if you think the same way. Beautiful mangroves, scenic mountains, and wonderful roads lead to places one could never imagine.

Let’s say you are also frustrated by the soaring 45 degrees and bored of staying indoors. Enjoy mesmerizing views of nature on these five road trips.

Kalba Mangroves

Is it surprising to hear about a Mangrove Forest in the desert? Kalba Mangroves are part of the Kalba Conservation Reserve. There are stunning landscapes here, and being in the forest provides much-needed relief from the summer heat.

When you reach the 500 hectares of protected forest, you will notice a temperature decline, which hosts a variety of rare birds and diverse ecosystems. Discover everything the place has to offer by taking a walk.

It’s an excellent destination for nature lovers, and you can pitch your tent and enjoy your trip with a safe driver. There are enough activities and options to satisfy everyone, whether traveling with your family, kids, friends, or partner; this place has something for everyone.

After exploring the mountains, you can explore the Al Hafiya Picnic Park and have lunch in the most spectacular setting at the Al Hefaiyah Mountain Conservation Centre. Enjoy kayaking in the pristine waters near the mangrove forests.

This package includes hiking, kayaking, and a luxury tent stay at Kalba Kingfisher Lodge. It is 130 kilometers from Dubai, so you have enough time to enjoy the road trip and relax in the forest.

Jebel Hafeet

Located on the border of the United Arab Emirates and Oman, Jebel Hafeet means “empty mountain.” On average, the mountain range experiences 33°C temperatures, while other parts can reach 49°C. Enjoy the beautiful scenery through one of the country’s highest mountain ranges. The road has 60 turns and is smooth. Take a snack and watch the sculptural mountains shrink as you climb. As you reach the top, enjoy the breathtaking view and a cool breeze.

There are also restaurants, hotels, food trucks, and fully air-conditioned facilities where you can spend your afternoon if it’s too hot outside. This isn’t the end of the fantastic trip. We recommend staying in a hotel if you want to enjoy the wide-open sky with twinkling stars and a cool breeze. Enjoy quality time with your partner while escaping Dubai’s heat. For a day, at least!

When you return home, be sure to take a quality camera so that you can capture the most memorable moments. It takes 1.5 to 2 hours from Dubai and Abu Dhabi to get here. You can find the route you want to take using Google Maps. A joint trip between Abu Dhabi and Al Ain will take you on the E22 and E66 highways. Take your travel essentials, as it will be a relaxed trip.

Khor Fakkan

If you want your road trip to end with breathtaking views of empty beaches, waterfalls, and a dam, prepare for Khor Fakkan. The city is located on the east coast of the UAE, facing the Gulf of Oman. The country’s largest container port is in Khor Fakkan, also known as the “Creek of Two Jaws.”.

As you drive, take in the views of the Hajjar mountains. Take advantage of the cold breeze in your car by leaving early in the morning. The place also offers other excursions that you can explore.

Khor Fakkan is known for its port and fascinating views. Beach and mountain lovers will find a lot to enjoy here. You can explore the Al Rafisah Dam, Al Rabi hiking trails, Khor Fakkan heart beach, waterfalls, and sheet park as soon as you arrive.

Suppose you are tired of driving and looking for a fantastic escape to relax, then en route yourself to the famous cloud lounge in the Al Suhub Rest Area. Alos, it is recommended to hire a corporate safe driver for the whole journey. Al Suhub is 600 meters above sea level and has a majestic view of the scenic mountains and the coastal city of Khor Fakkan. Relax in the lounge, enjoy tasty delicacies in the restaurant, and enjoy the lounge facilities.

The lounge would be a great place to spend your afternoon. It is easy to cover all these places within a day, so staying is not necessary. If you start your trip early in the morning, you’ll have more time to enjoy the day and then return in the evening to explore the scenic views.

Driving from Dubai takes about 1.5 hours. Step out of your car and take some pictures of the fantastic view. The trip would certainly be memorable.

Jais Sledder

Take a route through Ras Al Khaimah, one of the seven Emirates that comprise the UAE. The region offers the country’s highest mountains and delivers a thrilling view of a majestic mountain peak. The road is a pleasure but has many curves, so take a vomit tablet.

Enjoy the scenic mountains as you get closer to your destination, Jai’s Sledder. Here, the thrill starts. If you love adventures and aren’t afraid of heights, you and Jai’s sledder are the ideal matches. You can comfortably sit on a low-slung track that reaches up to 40 kilometers per hour as you race toward the Hajar mountain range. It’s the longest sledder in the country, covering 1,840 meters, and offers 8 min rides.

It’s known for its glorious panorama and remarkable coastline. Even 40 kilometers per hour will feel thrilling because you will sit close to the ground, and the breeze will surely break your heart. Also, there are no online bookings. Make sure to collect your tickets at the counter. That’s not it! Once you finish enjoying the sledder, head to the other tours the place offers. You can experience the zipline, the sky tour, explorer camps, and more. If you tire of exploring, take a break in one of the air-conditioned restaurants, enjoy the food, and restore your energy to explore more or drive back.

On the return, you may take the same route to enjoy the beautiful sunset and stop and click Instagram-perfect pictures. It would be the perfect day out with family or friends.


The last and probably the most popular destination to escape UAE heat is Hatta. It’s about 1.5 hours from Dubai, and your route passes the Hajjar mountain range, famous for its scenic views. Road trips are sure to be enjoyable, but once you reach the destination, the fun really begins. Hatta is a popular destination for adventure seekers. It is jam-packed with enjoyable activities. During the day, you can see mountain bikes, hiking, explore the outdoors, or enjoy horse riding or kayaking. It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or a pro; the place offers activities for all.

Whether you have a camping site, a caravan park, a resort, a farm, or a luxury tent, Hatta’s attractions are endless at night. Even sitting beside the campfire under the stars eliminates stress. Suppose you are still left with the enthusiasm and energy to explore more. Head to Hatta Wadi Park to find 900 trees that offer shade to Al Yamm Café. Replenish yourself with the tasty drinks the café offers.

Please ask the locals for any upcoming activity added recently and take at least two days to enjoy Hatta at its finest. Don’t forget to take pictures and tell your friends about the fantastic spot.

Essentials for The Perfect Road Trip in UAE

At 45°C, you don’t want a broken car on the highway. You can ruin your experience when you go on a road trip. It’s for this reason that planning is always a good idea. Along with the essentials, you also need to consider the route, the places you’ll visit, and many more things. Let’s take a look at them one by one.

Plan Your Route

Often, you won’t find anyone on those quiet roads for hours. The last thing you want is to get lost in such conditions. Even though you can find directions everywhere, it’s a good idea to plan your route or download offline maps. As a precaution, I am doing this.

Plan Your Budget

Everything costs money, from fuel to entry fees, tickets to resorts, food to accommodations. Solo travelers won’t have a problem handling that, and they’ll be able to manage it easily. Visiting with your partner or family, however, will double or triple the expense. Plan your trip so it won’t cost you too much.

Make a Booking

It would be frustrating if you reached your favorite spot only to be denied entry. The whole trip will be over and your heart will break. Online booking is available at most adventure parks and adventure adventures. Select your route, list your destinations, and make reservations. Having the tickets in advance gives you a sense of relaxation; otherwise, you’d always be wondering, “Will we get them? ”

Toiletries & Elothing

Protecting your skin from burning requires sunscreen to block harmful rays. You may need different toiletries depending on your travel days, such as shaving razors, toothpaste, body wash, and deodorant.

Even if you are only going out for a day, it is a good idea to carry an extra pair of clothes. In addition, if you plan to go to the beach, you will need towels, moisturizers, flip-flops, umbrellas, etc. You can never predict which adventure will ruin your clothes.  Music lovers and parties will love the Bluetooth speaker. Don’t forget to take care of your smartphone, power bank, headphones, etc.

Hire a Safe Driver

Travel experts recommend hiring driver services so that you can relax and enjoy the journey. Through Safe Driver, you can acquire a personal driver with your own car in dubai that will take you in anywhere in UAE.


We all get frustrated with cramped spaces, so we deserve a break. As a visitor to Dubai, you have few options except to admire the city’s natural beauty. Summer heat is unbearable for anyone. These places would be perfect for a day trip or two. Your travels won’t be incredibly cool. The article mentions deserts are cooler than cities because you will lose sweat if you step out.

No traffic jams or scenic views can be found at any of these destinations. Whether you choose to stay or not, these places offer good facilities, including four- and five-star hotels. Your destination will also provide you with many adventures you will never forget.

Don’t forget to pack the essentials for a successful road trip. Planned trips are always the most convenient because they give you confidence and save you time.

Enjoy your trip, and please share this article with others so they can also learn about these wonderful destinations. Comment below if you have any experience to share.