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Traveling For Business 10 Ways To Save Time & Money


You can keep your costs down when you’re on the road. Cutting costs down the road starts with comparing prices. You can save money and time while keeping your sanity by following these 10 other tips.

Choose One Airline Or Hotel Chain To Fly With

When you find an airline or hotel you like, stick with it. You can earn free hotel stays and frequent flier miles by earning points or rewards. Wi-fi access, VIP lounge access, and priority check-in and boarding are other benefits that can alleviate travel stress and save you money in the long run.

Travel With Only Carry  On Luggage

Time and money can be saved by not checking in luggage. This way, you won’t have to wait for your bag to arrive at baggage claim after checking in. Also, you will only have to pay those expensive fees if your luggage is within the weight limit. Packing takes less time as well. There is no need for those extra shoes. A spare shirt is a good idea.

You want to deliver that speech only three times, wearing a different shirt. So, rotate your clothes regularly. You can carry that suit in a carry-on or even on the plane. When you get to the hotel, hang it up first. Hire a safe driver for a luxury ride. Before heading to the airport, understand your airline’s carry-on rules. Packing a backpack rather than a hard suitcase or roll-on allows you to carry much more.

Find Alternatives To Hotels

There was a time when hotels were the only place to stay. It’s easy to find affordable accommodations with all the comforts of a home with Airbnb. The host may even leave you some snacks and drinks, such as water and coffee. I’ve always stayed at a host’s home with wi-fi access. Paying for internet access at a hotel is one thing I can’t stand.

Even though I love Airbnb, sometimes booking a hotel is necessary due to its location. Sign up for coupon sites if you want to save money.

Be Flexible With Your Dates

Imagine that you have a meeting on May 10. See what’s happening before and after the 10th. Hotel rooms and airline tickets can be significantly cheaper if you stay an extra day or two.

For instance, it is more expensive to travel on Friday than in the middle of the week. Work and see the sights for a day.

Use Coupon Sites

As I already mentioned, you can use coupon sites when booking a hotel room. Even though I don’t like chain restaurants, they’re often the closest options when I’m too tired to explore. In addition, I can always find a coupon for a free appetizer or a percentage off my entree.


Identify which attractions are “must-see” and which are “nice to see if you have time”. If you end up getting behind schedule then consider skipping a lesser priority attraction to make sure you get to all of your “must-see” attractions. Or move through a lesser priority attraction quicker.

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Don’t Pay Cash

Nobody wants to put themselves in credit card debt, but a credit card is most suitable for all my business needs because they offer rewards points programs. You can earn points whenever you purchase, then trade them in when you travel.

Choose a credit card that doesn’t charge foreign transaction fees if you travel internationally for work. The next step is to use digital cash with as many people as possible.

Ask Locals For Restaurant Suggestions

Locals have recommended some of the best meals I’ve eaten. In addition to being delicious, these establishments are often not tourist traps, so they are less expensive during lunchtime. Just talking to the locals, I have met some of the greatest people ever.

You can also purchase prepared salads or entrees from the nearest grocery store. You could buy some items you can prepare quickly if you have a kitchen. It is always cheaper to eat at home than to eat out.

Know Your Travel Deductions

The expenses that can be deducted are meals, lodging, airfare, dry cleaning, and rental fees for equipment or entertaining prospective clients. It helps you file your taxes more easily if you know what you can and cannot deduct from your travel receipts.

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Summing Up

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